Nov 29 2016

Adaptogenic Herbs Boost Quality of Life in Pets

I was introduced to the use of adaptogenic herbs for recovery and health while training for competitive trail running and suffering from all of the body aches and injuries that went along with it. I came away impressed because using them saved me having to have surgery on my torn rotator cuff and plantar fascitis. The more I read and experienced for myself, the more I realized that my patients sufferred from many of the conditions treated in people by these non toxic, wonderful plants. Unfortunately, despite the plethora of published studies showing benefits for humans, no great studies have been performed for dogs and cats. I began to use these herbs in selected cases and found that they worked well supporting traditional treatments, speeding healing and recovery from injury or damage from chemotherapy, even arthritis and allergies. In some cases, the herbs allowed the pets to come off of other prescription medications and owners noticed an increase in energy and coat. Please click on the following link to read the enclosed brochure and feel free to contact me for more information.

MidwestVet Herbal Brochure

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